Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Nixons

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile; lots going on at the moment. Stay tuned for album reviews of the new Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, and Matchbox 20.

Keep entertained, though, with some videos from the Nixons, one of my favorite '90s bands of all time and recently named 59th-most influential Oklahoma musical artist of all time by the great Oklahoma in celebration of the centennial of Oklahoma statehood.
First, "Sister," from the late, lamented NBC show Friday Night (bonus points for a cameo at the beginning of the clip by Edd Helms, Jay Leno's first announcer).

And here's the video for "Happy Song," which is still their best track.

If you're so inclined, John Humphrey, the Nixons' drummer, now drums for Seether, whose new album is out this week.