Sunday, October 7, 2007

Automatic for the People, 15 years on

Stereogum has a great online tribute to REM's greatest album (and, in my opinion, one of the top 10 albums of all time): Automatic for the People, which was released 15 years ago this week. Check it out:

you should see the drive xv player here if you have flash

My favorite is the Shout Out Louds' version of "Man on the Moon."

And here's one of the best songs ever, "Find the River,"

Monday, October 1, 2007


If you get a chance, check out Michaelangelo Matos' essay on Idolator about 1996's music and what it meant to him.
Seriously, though, who remembered that Primitive Radio Gods had the #2 modern rock hit of 1996, or that Tracy Bonham and the Eels were #9 and #10?

I remember being home from college in the winter of 1996 and attending one of those "X-Mas bash" concerts that were big at the time, where four or five disparate acts shared a stage. In my case, it was the 95X-mas Ball at the Travel-and-Transportation building at the Oklahoma State Fair complex, and we got to see the Eels (they did a great cover of "Damn! I wish I was your lover"), Goldfinger ("Here in Your Bedroom" had to be in the top 20, right?), the Chainsaw Kittens, and... two others? I can't remember. Sorry... I've been downhearted, baby.

Radiohead scare the pants off the record companies

According to this report, Radiohead are finished recording their new album and will make it available digitally in only 10 days. And you can PAY WHATEVER YOU WANT FOR IT! This is insane.

Personally, I tired of Radiohead around Amnesiac, so let's check out some classics, shall we?
My favorite Radiohead song ever:

The only song I have ever heard Radiohead perform (when I was in high school, I saw them open for REM on the Monster tour, got stuck in traffic, and only caught the set-closer, "Just"):

So what did he tell them?

And one of their most complex-yet-melodic songs, 1997's "Paranoid Android,"

Bonus points because that one's taken from Live on Jools Holland.