Saturday, November 28, 2009

Green Day musical headed to Broadway

The Green Day musical, American Idiot, will reportedly premiere on Broadway in 2010. This makes me feel unfathomably old.
Here's a preview:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The great semi-lost Soul Asylum track

About a year ago, Kevin Smith dug up an old Live song from the Throwing Copper sessions for one of his movies that turned out to be as good as any of their hits (Go here for a refresher).

Well, there are a lot of great lost songs out there. Here's one by Soul Asylum called "Success is not so sweet," written around the Grave Dancer's Union days.

According to this interview with Dave Pirner, the band played the song once live, didn't get a great crowd reaction, and went on with their lives. They dragged it back out, re-learned it off of a bootleg of that show, and ended up recording it for 2006's The Silver Lining. So I guess file this one as only semi-lost. But couldn't you hear this on the radio circa 1994?